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Principled Investors,
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Who We Are

Argentum is a New York-based growth equity firm that partners with bootstrap entrepreneurs to build industry-leading B2B software, technology-enabled services, healthcare, and business services companies. Since raising its first fund in 1990, Argentum has invested in over 85 companies and supported over 200 add-on acquisitions. We fill the growing gap between early stage venture capital investors and later stage private equity by targeting companies seeking $5 mm to $15 mm of capital to accelerate growth, fund acquisitions, or generate shareholder liquidity. Our four partners have worked together for more than 20 years.

Our Focus

Expansion capital and strategic guidance to companies at the growth inflection point

B2B Software and Services Companies

We partner with rapidly growing B2B software and services companies that address the mission-critical needs of their clients

Bootstrap, Capital-Efficient Entrepreneurs

We support bootstrap companies that have outgrown early stage VC but don’t want the dilution from later stage private equity; we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced at this stage of their lifecycle

Opportunities to Add Value

We invest in sectors where we have extensive domain expertise and a large network of valuable industry contacts; we serve as proactive members of our portfolio companies’ Boards and business development functions

“As a profitable bootstrapped business, we did not need external funding, but Argentum promised to bring more than just capital. As a true partner, their contributions far exceeded their commitment and what we expected from minority stakeholders. Argentum was instrumental in helping us accelerate growth, create significant value and achieve a very successful exit.

Rick Heine, Founder and CEO

“Argentum was an important contributor to our success.  They supported us through our early challenges,  led our acquisition efforts to build an industry leading company and helped us achieve a successful exit.  The provided us with a lot more than just capital.”

David Broome, CEO

“As our first institutional investor, Argentum represented an ideal firm to help us scale from our bootstrapped origins. They provided sound advice, acted like a true partner and supported us every step of the way through our successful exit. The nearly two years they spent trying to convince us to take outside capital was well worth it.”

Alan Rich, Former CEO

Why Argentum?

While many fund managers have changed their business model by increasing their check and deal sizes or expanding their target sectors, we have stayed true to our focus of working with outstanding, bootstrap entrepreneurs building leading B2B software and services firms at the smaller-end of the middle market. As a testament to our record of excellence, the U.S. Small Business Administration recognized Argentum as its Small Business Investment Company of the Year for 2016.

Summary Overview

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