Investment Approach

More Than Capital

Our Investment Strategy

Working in collaboration with outstanding entrepreneurs and management teams, Argentum helps build market-leading companies through a combination of organic growth and targeted strategic add-on acquisitions. Our value-add is driven by our extensive experience and our team’s dedication to work tirelessly to help build value for our portfolio companies. We are the trusted adviser to our management teams.


We exclusively invest in B2B software, tech-enabled, healthcare and business services firms generating $3 mm to $25 mm in revenue, where we can leverage our deep domain expertise and experience growing companies at this stage of their lifecycle


We help our companies proactively implement the “Argentum playbook” to facilitate operational best practices, strategic planning, financial reporting & KPIs, sales model development, banking & audit relationships, and executive recruiting.

Business Development and M&A

We take shared ownership for value creation and actively originate and execute strategic initiatives, customer opportunities, and acquisitions. Since our founding, Argentum has supported over 200 acquisitions and sourced numerous partnerships and clients for our portfolio companies.

“From Day 1 Argentum has been laser-focused on adding value to our business. They gave us actionable insights and valuable strategic advice, leveraging their experience in our sector and with similar business models. As LAUNCH has progressed, Argentum has taken a very active role in helping us originate and execute strategic partnerships, initiatives, and acquisitions. This level of support from an investment partner is invaluable for companies at our stage of growth.”

Mike Guagenti, CEO
LAUNCH Technical Workforce Solutions

“Speaking with other CEOs, I most often hear of investors who push them to just grow indiscriminately. Instead, Argentum has jumped in and pulled with us, acting as an experienced extension of our team as we’ve navigated growth, market expansion, and acquisitions. Partnering with Argentum has been one of our smartest growth decisions – while we of course deeply value the investment they have made, their most valuable contributions have been their partnership, support and guidance,”

Jennifer Silverberg, Founder and CEO

“As a profitable bootstrapped business, we did not need external funding, but Argentum promised to bring more than just capital. As a true partner, their contributions far exceeded their commitment and what we expected from minority stakeholders. Argentum was instrumental in helping us accelerate growth, create significant value and achieve a very successful exit.

Rick Heine, Founder and CEO

Investment Criteria

We fill the gap between venture capital and larger growth equity firms by providing the optimal amount of capital while structuring mutually beneficial transactions that align our interests with those of the company.

Company Size

Company Size

  • Revenues of $3 Million to $25 Million
  • Profitable or approaching break-even
Business Characteristics

Business Characteristics

  • Recurring revenue stream
  • Proven, scaleable business model
  • Attractive growth profile and strategy
  • Strong competitive differentiation
  • Targeting fragmented/underserved market
  • Strong and committed leadership
Investment Size

Investment Size

$3mm – $15mm

Transaction Types

Transaction Types

  • Growth equity
  • Recapitalization
  • Hybrid equity / debt


Minority (can accommodate majority stakes or buyouts when appropriate or needed)



U.S. Based

Our Sectors

We take a focused approach, investing only in areas or business models in which we have substantial experience and feel that we can add demonstrable value to our portfolio companies.

Across nearly every major industry, technology continues to transform the way individuals and companies communicate, conduct business, transact and share information. It has dramatically lowered the costs to scale a firm and supported the creation of innovative business models, enabling disruptive entrants to attack legacy industries with outdated technology. Argentum’s deep experience in helping software & technology-enabled services companies grow spans numerous verticals.

Areas Covered

  • SaaS and cloud-based platforms
  • Enterprise software
  • Financial technology
  • Regulatory technology & compliance
  • Human capital management
  • B2B E-commerce and logistics
  • Vertical and horizontal market applications

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Services represents an exciting area of focus for Argentum. It is a large, growing market driven by aging demographics within the US as well as an area of rapid innovation that increasingly values new business models aimed at improving outcomes, containing costs, and complying with regulatory requirements. We have a wealth of experience investing in companies within this dynamic area.

Areas Covered

  • Clinical research organizations
  • Healthcare IT systems
  • Healthcare data analytics and intelligence
  • Regulatory technology & compliance
  • Healthcare logistics

Argentum has a long history of pursuing opportunities in service companies with solid growth characteristics, sound underlying business fundamentals and typically operating in fragmented markets. Argentum has worked closely with outstanding operators, helping them execute their business plans and supporting buy and build strategies.

Areas Covered

  • Transportation and logistics
  • Regulatory compliance services
  • Transaction processing
  • Back-office and administrative services
  • Specialty distribution
  • Industrial and waste services