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Cyclone Commerce Recognized by Yankee Group as a Leader in Next Generation B2B Architectures

New Report Identifies Cyclone Commerce As “One-Stop Shop” for B2B Tools and Technologies

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Cyclone Commerce, a leader in business-to-business (B2B) enterprise solutions, today announced that it was recognized by industry analyst firm Yankee Group in an April 2005 report, “Enterprises Look to Innovate in Building Next-Generation B2B Architectures.”

This report provides insight into the emergence of next generation B2B architectures, which go beyond simply automating business processes and streamlining supply chains. Instead, the focus has shifted away from simple automation, to leveraging the value of a network and exploiting the information flow between partners. By looking beyond the B2B transaction layer and utilizing the intelligence beneath the data, companies are able to optimize the entire trading ecosystem.

Cyclone Commerce is successfully displaying its ability to provide organizations with real-time activity monitoring through its electronic document submission gateway implementation with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As noted in the report, this system will become the centralized FDA hub for drug and medical device companies, drug distributors, food makers, healthcare organizations and government agencies. In addition to simplifying the approval process, the system enables faster exchange of reports and the ability to incorporate feedback more quickly. As a result, it could potentially cut the approval process in half from the current 18 months.

According to the report authored by analyst, Jason Corsello, “Cyclone is truly building ‘smarter’ ecosystem-level B2B networks. Beyond its core transactional B2B pipes, the company offers some of the most robust business activity monitoring technologies available. Additionally, the recent integration of BizGenics provides business intelligence capabilities that include proactive analytics and reporting. This new functionality incorporates a decision-support and intelligence layer on top of its already robust B2B gateway, which provides performance indicators before an issue affects the desired results.”

Cyclone’s B2B solution goes beyond basic connections to provide activity monitoring and analytics that help organizations move closer to a real-time enterprise. B2B initiatives typically impact the flow of products and services, mission-critical business information about the health of the organization and associated cash flows. Cyclone provides companies with the ability to manage these aspects of business in real-time.

“Companies facing increasing demands for growth and efficiency require forward-looking tools and technologies that enable them to make smarter decisions in real-time,” said Phil Myers, president and CEO, Cyclone Commerce. “Cyclone is addressing these needs by providing tools that enable multi-enterprise collaboration that leverages a businesses community of partners to speed up and improve existing business processes.”

About Cyclone Commerce, Inc.

Cyclone provides Smarter B2B solutions that help businesses manage business-to-business processes from the edge of their enterprises rather than relying solely upon back-end systems. Cyclone software allows businesses to act in real-time upon information “in flight” between customers, suppliers and other important partners by getting the information flowing between trading partners giving them visibility into key processes and allowing them to manage events as they occur. Cyclone makes it easy to extend existing internally focused applications, integration, and business intelligence investments outside the four walls of an enterprise. Founded in 1996, Cyclone Commerce is headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz.


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