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Fleetworthy Solutions Announces RapidLog Acquisition

MADISON, WI — Fleetworthy Solutions, a Madison, WI-based leading provider of Intelligent Compliance solutions to the transportation industry, announced today the acquisition of RapidLog. This is another strong growth signal to the market as Fleetworthy expands its technology advantage in providing end-to-end regulatory compliance and risk management services to motor carriers and fleets in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

ELD integrations offered through the RapidLog software will enable much more rapid and efficient onboarding of new customers alike. RapidLog’s gallery of integrations include ELDs from BigRoad, EROAD, GeoTab, KeepTrucking, OmniTracs, Pedigree, Trimble, RandMcNally, Samsara, Verizon, and Zonar to name a few. RapidLog began as log auditing software that guaranteed speeds of up to 400% faster than competitors with better quality and accuracy. It featured an amazing ability to read virtually any hours-of-service (HOS) log, as well.

“RapidLog fits perfectly with our vision of a single platform to manage all safety and regulatory compliance issues,” explains Mike Precia, CEO of Fleetworthy Solutions. “We are thrilled to be in a position to strengthen our offerings in relevant technologies. Our customers, our companies, and the industry have bright futures as this binding of components enhances carrier fleets’ abilities to not only comply with FMCSA regulations and safety directives, but also they can use it to go beyond the minimum requirements and focus on their businesses.”

This deal dramatically enhances Fleetworthy’s integration capabilities and reinforces Fleetworthy’s strategic goal of connecting to any ELD and TMS system in the market. Due to evolving regulations –  like the ELD Mandate – and the massive amounts of data being generated, companies need seamless integrations between IT systems more than ever to provide safety and compliance executives with a single version of the truth.

For over 30 years, RapidLog has been providing leading edge technologies that deliver ultimate flexibility at the lowest total cost. With the addition of RapidLog, Fleetworthy could streamline compliance platform data transfers for many private and for-hire carrier fleets with which they already work. Pre-built integrations to leading ELD and TMS providers make onboarding a smooth and quick process.

“Having accurately audited over 1 billion logs, RapidLog helps fleets ensure compliance in an environment suddenly populated with inexperienced providers. Even certified ELDs comply only with data transmission, retention and fault detection, but can be woefully naïve regarding detecting hours of service violations and notifying both drivers and carrier management. RapidLog and Fleetworthy help ensure these blind spots don’t turn into costly liabilities.” – Larry Steinbecker, RapidLog Founder and CEO

Together with RapidLog, Fleetworthy’s suite of compliance tools help motor carriers adhere to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Hours-of-Service regulations. The HOS rules are designed to keep fatigued commercial motor vehicle operators out of the driver’s seat and off the nation’s roadways; however, they are among the most-often violated regulations adding to the operational costs in all commercial motor carrier fleets – usually meaning declining profits.

New customers will be able to learn more on how best to implement this technology for their own solutions and needs by contacting Fleetworthy Solutions on their website, via email, or over the phone.


About RapidLog

For over 30 years RapidLog has been at the forefront of efficient, accurate hours-of-service compliance. With over 1 billion logs accurately audited, unmatched integration between ELD providers, remaining paper log users, and cross-validation systems like fuel card and mileage software they remain the most flexible and experienced company HOS in the market.

About Fleetworthy Solutions

Fleetworthy Solutions, Inc. provides outsourced compliance services to owners and operators of truck fleets that take them ‘Beyond compliant’. Fleetworthy combines exceptional client service, advanced technologies, and more than 30 years of transportation industry expertise to make sure that drivers and assets are ‘fleet-worthy’. The company helps private fleets, for-hire carriers, and third-party logistics companies of all sizes surpass compliance of federal, state, and local regulations and streamline processes to reduce costs and mitigate risks.


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