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Horizon Wimba Acquires Connected Learning, Ltd, a U.K.-based Software and Training Company

Horizon Wimba Adds the Course Genie Content Authoring Tool to its Collaborative Software Suite for Online Education

New York, NY and Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, United Kingdom – (JULY 19, 2005) – Horizon Wimba, a provider of collaborative software applications for online education, announced today that it has acquired Connected Learning, Ltd., a United Kingdom-based software and training company.

The acquisition allows Horizon Wimba to add Connected Learning’s Course Genie, a content authoring software product that allows users to quickly and easily convert Microsoft Word documents into webpages, into its growing suite of collaboration software for online education. Course Genie, already being used by hundreds of post-secondary institutions worldwide, enables schools to get the most out of their course management systems (CMS) as faculty can quickly transform their existing Microsoft Word documents into online courses.

Notable features and benefits of Course Genie include:
• Converts Microsoft Word documents into CMS-ready content
• Quick & easy
• Accessible
• Platform independence
• Standards compliance (SCORM, IMS, etc.)
• Get all faculty to use an institution’s CMS

Further, by adding Connected Learning’s already established office in Bury St. Edmunds, Horizon Wimba will now have a local United Kingdom presence so it can easily respond to the increasing demands of the region’s maturing e-learning market.

“We are honored to join forces with Connected Learning. Their unique familiarity with education software and training, as well as their experience, professionalism, and knowledge of the education world is truly unparalleled,” said Tommaso Trionfi, CEO of Horizon Wimba.

“Course Genie has taken off spectacularly well in the U.K. and European markets. Joining Horizon Wimba means we can take our proven technology, enhance it through integration with Horizon Wimba products, and start to grow in North America and the rest of the world,” said Richard Standen, Co-Founder of Connected Learning who now oversees Horizon Wimba’s European training. Dave Beaumont, fellow Co-Founder of Connected Learning, added, “Joining Horizon Wimba is a wonderful opportunity to share experience and expertise and make Course Genie the premier e-learning authoring tool worldwide.”

Horizon Wimba’s Live Classroom and Voice Tools solutions have always allowed faculty to add a highly interactive and personal touch to their online courses, and now with Course Genie – Horizon Wimba’s first content authoring tool – even the most tentative and late-adopting faculty can take the first step toward creating an online course by easily adding content.

In addition to creating Course Genie, Connected Learning has long been one of Europe’s eminent software training organizations. Now, Connected Learning’s team of trainers will easily be able to teach European institutions on how to use the Company’s Live Classroom and Wimba Voice Tools applications.

Interested persons can purchase or download a free trial of Course Genie at:

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